Drive Your energy and chemicals transition with
Next Gen Waste-to-X

Our mission is to turn local non-recyclable waste into a clean driver of local energy security and reduced infrastructure stress – while improving air quality, environment, and carbon footprint.

Urban sector coupling that is distributed, autonomous, and super-charged with local Hydrogen, H2-powered fast charging, grid support, green methanol and other key molecules.

The latest on Boson


Guaranteed volume, effect, quality, flexibility and fossil-parity price of Circular H2, H2-powered Fast Charging, Grid Support, and Green Molecules.


Complete recycling of 'non-recyclable' waste – carbon-negative, no ash, no emissions, no water stress, no grid stress.


Gasification-based system providing local and flexible 24/7 energy security from local 'non-recyclable' waste – with no additional infrastructure


Cracking the code of 'non-recyclable' waste

Non-recyclable solid waste is mostly a mix of very complex hydrocarbons. Boson Energy's integrated gasification-based technology and system solution cracks them into the fundamental molecules of Hydrogen – and CO2 that we capture. Boson Energy 'allows chemistry to do its thing' and translates that high temperature chemistry into math, that is then turned into algorithms – for maximum waste flexibility and automated process control


Sector coupling defined: Waste-to-X

Hydrogen from local waste offers unique sector coupling opportunities between municipal waste treatment, energy security and supply, flexible heat and cooling, green chemicals, and transportation services. This allows for cost-competitive zero emission commercial transport, H2-powered speed charging, local grid support, green methanol, urea, and even clean water – without drawing a single kWhe from the grid.

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