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The next generation of carbon-negative urban infrastructure – autonomous and super-charged with local Hydrogen | Our mission is to bring clean air to future generations by solving the world’s waste problem

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Guaranteed volume, quality, flexibility and diesel-parity price of renewable Hydrogen create local competitiveness and economic value.


Non-recyclable waste completely recycled – carbon-negative, no ash residues, no emissions, no water stress, no grid stress.


Hydrogen from gasification of non-recyclable waste and biomass produced locally, continuously and in high predictable volumes.


Hydrogen from photosynthesis

Photosynthesis uses sunlight and CO2 to crack the strong Hydrogen-Oxygen bond in water and produce the oxygen we breathe. The ‘leftovers’ are stored in the plants – making up biomass and in the end also most of our non-recyclable waste. These hydrocarbons are rich in energy and have much weaker chemical bonds than water. Boson fully exploits these advantages to produce clean and affordable carbon-negative Hydrogen right where Hydrogen is needed.


Sector coupling defined: Waste-to-Hydrogen-to-X

Hydrogen from local waste and biomass create unique sector coupling opportunities between municipal waste treatment, energy supply and transportation services. By integrate these services to deliver emission free public transport, grid-independent speed charging, local power grid support, and even clean water.


Boson brings local Hydrogen ‘to wheels’

Our vision is to make 1 million tonnes of renewable Hydrogen until 2030. That is enough locally produced Hydrogen to keep 100.000 zero-emission buses or heavy trucks, or 7 million cars, on the road. This is only the beginning.

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