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Boson Energy is an enabler of true decarbonisation and affordable zero-emission transport: We have set a path towards 1 million tons of Circular Hydrogen by 2030

You may be on this page because you stopped by Boson Energy's booth at PLANETech 2024 in Tel Aviv on June 18th. Here you will find some additional material on Boson Energy and what we do.

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  • Climate tech building capacity to save 25M tons of CO2 per year by 2030 – by producing 1M tons of local Hydrogen from 10-12M tons of non-recyclable waste

  • Boson Energy went back to the roots of chemistry and system efficiency to develop thermochemical recycling for clean Hydrogen production – matching fossil fuels on price and local availability
  • Distributed modular plants producing 5-10 tons
    of Hydrogen per day
    from 100 tons of non-recyclable waste. Supplied to local hybrid stations delivering a flexible mix of 1-2 tons of direct Hydrogen or 20-40 MWhe Hydrogen powered speed charging each. Output options include methanol, ammonia, urea.
  • Completely transforms the €1 trillion+ waste industry from a ‘black sheep’ into a champion of locally produced, responsible, and circular Hydrogen – delivering unmatched climate mitigation, energy security, autonomy, high-performance construction materials, local prosperity and clean air/water/land


How do we reach this goal?

  • Execution with global partners for manufacturing, components, assembly: RHI Magnesita, Topsoe, Motala Verkstad and many others.
  • 10 projects qualified into EU's strategic Hydrogen pipeline for a total of >60k tons of Hydrogen. Pipeline in development with leading brands in energy, waste, and industry.
  • Proprietary next-generation recycling technology – built on solid backgrounds and partnerships in science, execution and operation
  • Strong team of cleantech entrepreneurs with exit history to Siemens AG, Nalco and Veolia. Experience from Siemens, Shell, Tetra Pak, HA Recycling…


How does our Hydrogen, Speed Charging, Green Methanol and material output fit into the market?

  • Major impact potential: 1 ton of waste = 1 zero emission car for 1 year or 1000km bus/truck = 2.5 tons of CO2 avoided.
  • Fully circular: Hydrogen, speed charging, chemicals, green CO2 for commercial use and high-performance cell glass – from otherwise non-recyclable waste
  • Local availability, capacity and flexibility solve bottlenecks in electrification infrastructure for light-to-heavy duty transport
  • Profitable local Hydrogen below cost of diesel: 24/7 availability and integrated in the local infrastructure for dispensing or speed charging
  • ‘Unlimited’ markets of 200M tons of non-recyclable waste in Europe (20Mt H2) and 2B tons globally (200Mt H2)


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Below you have a direct link to a presentation of Boson Energy in 7 minutes from the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki. Click here or on the screen shot below.

You also have a direct link to a Davos interview with our CEO and Founder Jan Grimbrandt (8 minutes). Click here or on the Youtube screen drop below.

You also have a link to a short interview with our CTO Liran Dor, who you may have talked to at Ecomotion already. Click here or on the Youtube screen drop below.

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