Clean air and energy security to future generations – by solving the world’s waste problem

Next generation solutions based on 40 years in Hydrogen and waste. Having successfully co-founded, built and sold a first industrial cleantech start-up to Siemens AG, and then a second one to Nalco; Jan Grimbrandt founded Boson Energy in 2008, together with long-time business partner Professor Wlodzimierz Blasiak.

The company was founded on research that Prof Blasiak started already in the 80s, with the vision to produce local hydrogen directly from biomass and waste. Based on Prof Blasiak’s original conviction that clean and small-scale is the future; Boson is ‘The IMBY Company’ – for In My Back Yard.

Fit to change the way the world produces and consumes energy

Clean air for future generations. Solving the world’s waste problem. Too ambitious? Not at all. Boson Energy is part of a new generation of technologies that are not force-fitted into the energy transition and decarbonisation, but rather built for that very purpose. Our team of management, board, and advisors have hundreds of years of combined experience from many of the world’s foremost companies within waste management, advanced thermal treatment, energy, cleantech, air pollution control, supply chain management, execution, plant operation, etc.

Board of Directors
Management Team


Board of Directors

Management Team


Our vision

To produce 1 million tonnes of renewable Hydrogen until 2030. Expressed as a loose tribute to John F. Kennedy and his speech to Congress in 1961 launching the idea of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth, we say:

‘The opportunity is open to us now because mankind must undertake this challenge. No single project will be more exciting or more impressive than to move away from inefficient combustion-based energy to pollution-free thermochemical conversion and electrification’.

Our mission

Bring clean air to future generations by solving the world’s waste problem
We can stop using fossil fuels, but we cannot stop taking care of waste. By turning non-recyclable waste into a resource of sustainable and profitable Hydrogen and energy, we meet two of the greatest challenges of our time.

We believe in


We are applied scientists. We never cease to explore the world from a science-based business perspective.

System efficiency

System efficiency can only be achieved through sector coupling. It is the only way to reach future environmental goals and climate objectives.


Cooperation between stakeholders is a must for profitable and sustainable business – and meeting the challenges of climate mitigation and pollution.