Boson awarded ‘Seal of Excellence’ by European Commission

The Seal of Excellence was awarded to Boson Energy, as part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) grant application process. The Seal of Excellence is an ‘EU quality label for excellent ideas worthy of funding’.

European Commission: The Seal of Excellence is awarded to project proposals submitted under a Horizon Europe call for proposals and ranked above a predefined quality thresholds but were not funded by Horizon Europe due to budgetary constraints. With this label the Commission recognise the value of project proposals and encourage other funding organisations to take advantage of the high-quality Horizon Europe evaluation process.

Boson’s HPAG technology received a perfect score from all three domain experts chosen by the EIC to review the final ‘Long Application’. The technology, business model, rollout, and execution approach were evaluated on three main criteria, composed of several sub-criteria:

Criterion 1 – Excellence : Breakthrough and market creating nature, Timing, Technological feasibility, Intellectual Property

Criterion 2 – Impact: Scale up potential, Broader impact, Market fit and competitor analysis, Commercialisation strategy, Key Partners

Criterion 3 - Level of risk, implementation, and need for Union support : Team, Milestones, Risk level of the investment, Risk Mitigation

In the preceding ‘Short Application’ stage, Boson Energy received a ‘GO’ score from a different set of four experts (three ‘GO’ ratings required to proceed to the Long Application stage).

This means that a total of 7 experts assigned by the EIC have reviewed and provided full scores as well as extensive and encouraging feedback underpinning their ratings. Looking at the expert feedback, it is also clear that the experts are knowledgeable in the domain. Sample feedback:

Expert 3:The innovation's novel approach to utilizing waste streams for clean energy production represents a significant leap forward compared to existing solutions. The dual impact on waste management and affordable clean energy positions the company as a transformative force in urbanized environments. By addressing critical challenges in a comprehensive manner, the innovation not only provides practical solutions but also sets the stage for a more sustainable and resilient future.