Boson awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label

"Congratulations, we are pleased to announce to you that your application was successful and PAG – Plasma Assisted Gasification has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label !"

The Efficient Solutions label process is based on the assessment of three independent domain experts. Read more about the label at the bottom of this article or  here... (external link).

All three experts unanimously found the PAG technology to qualify on all criteria: FEASIBILITY (Credibility of concept, Scalability), ENVIRONMENT (Environmental benefits), PROFITABILITY (Client’s economic incentive, Seller’s profitability).

Below a few comments from the experts in the final assessment report. Boson is one of only 3 labeled gasification technologies with integrated vitrification of ash (with one of them technically only providing melting of ash)

Feasibility – Credibility of Concept

Expert 1: "The process has been demonstrated for the main part at a scale of 1 ton per hour with different types of wastes , municipal to medical. The manufacturing of the core part of the system, i.e. the reactor, is planned and endorsed by Siemens [Energy]. These are serious proofs that it is operable and valuable."

Expert 2: The Solution integrates long-developed pyrolysis, gasification and plasma-based vitrification technologies providing a way to cleanly deal with heavy metals and other toxic matters

Feasibility – Scalability

Expert 2: The Solution technology has already been demonstrated at commercial scale for medical waste. Its manufacturing integrates commercial technologies and can be assembled in a serial fashion. Proposed manufacturer of the reactor and other technology providers have proven experience.

Expert 3: Yes the solution fits into any medical waste supply chain that produces medical waste , transport the waste , treat the waste and final disposal. It can provide the service to any potential clients who will prefer not to transport the waste to different sites for further treatment in the supply chain.

Environmental Impact

Expert 2: "...the Solution provides significant environmental benefits in terms of lower energy, water consumption and atmospheric contaminants. The elimination of ash production and disposal is a strong benefit. The distributed approach also provides indirect benefits by reducing emissions due to transportation."

Profitability – Client's Economic Incentive

Expert 1: The company offers a "third party operation" in the concept of"Waste To Energy As A Service" (WTE AAS). In this case, they design, build and operate the plant. This allows for a very simple approach for the final customer who pays for the service. Basically, the customer benefits are not so much on the financial side, but more focused on :peace of mind of a 'no-waste' treatment, lowered transportation, efficient process, not damaging the environment, and timely destruction certificates. A hidden benefit is also the ability to create jobs locally to the waste generating area/facility, accessible to many, thus reinforcing local economy.

Expert 3: The solution can meet the most stringent environmental compliance. That makes operation of the technology efficient. That meets the most green expectations by society and communities.

Profitability – Sellers Profitability [Boson]

Expert 2: The Solution is a superior technical alternative for medical waste to mainstream alternatives (incineration and landfilling) which are both under growing regulatory constraints..."

Expert 3: The innovator will make profit by providing service to potential clients (health care providers) who will like to divert most of their waste from landfill and meet strict regulatory requirements. The medical waste generation is ever growing and the demand for the service of treating and disposal will continue to increase.

Additional feedback / advice for the member

Expert: This is the best described and most professional solution I ever had to evaluate. The innovators know what they are doing and are able to explain it to an audience and deliver all necessary information and data needed to evaluate the technology. Thank you for the trust in me by delivering all the information attached to this assessment. I wish the innovators a successful execution for their solution. This will make the world a cleaner place.


The Label

Information excerpt directly from the Solar Impulse Foundation Homepage. Link here... (External website)

Protect the Environment in a profitable way

Thanks to a rigorous evaluation process, the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" Label is the only evaluation that guarantees the economic profitability of products and processes that protect the environment. Considered a recognition for innovators and a credible trademark of quality for governments and companies, it enables decision-makers to find efficient solutions to meet their environmental commitments.


The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is designed to shed light on existing Solutions that are both clean and profitable. The Label is awarded to products, services, and/or processes that combine credible environmental and economic performance, while outperforming the mainstream options in its market.


The decision to grant the Label is based on a rigorous assessment performed by external, independent Experts. The development of stringent selection criteria has resulted in the Solar Impulse Label being internationally recognized and endorsed by several institutions, states, and cities around the world.